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Hello dear investors
after several inspections, our company will decide to make changes in order to solve the problems that have arisen as follows:
1 . changing all active contracts to %200 contract (%100 principal, %100 dividend) by repaying monthly dividends and annual principal and eliminating all other plans
2 . free token
From now on, by buying tokens for the growth of the company's token, help yourself and company with this action, you will receive %20 of the token purchase amount from your cash point, and after one year, the total amount of the token purchase will be returned to you.
3 . changing the activation fee to %5 of the contract amount
4 . Activation of slow withdrawal button with a ceiling of 2000 tron and a fee of %2 and a 30day deposit, activation of a normal button with a ceiling of 1500 tron and a fee of %5 and 20day deposit
5 . Fast and automatic superfast withdrawals will be activated soon with the following conditions With each registration, you will receive %10 of the investment amount in the form of fast and %10 in the form of superfast from your cash point, and your upline will receive%5 in the form of fast and %5 in superfast
Fast withdrawal ceiling with 800 tron and %10 commission and 13day settlement
Super Fast withdrawal ceiling with 500 tron and %15 commission and 2day settlement
6 . The total daily company withdrawal limit for each of the slow Normal Fast and Super Fast withdrawal methods will be 50,000 Tron Until the situation improves
7 . To improve usdt contracts %10 of all entries to repay usdt contracts, we will start paying usdt obligations within the next 30 days.
8 . According to the amount of registration in the next week, the exact opening time of slow and Normal will be announced
9 . Possibility of positive changes in the process of faster repayment of obligations compared to the level of team activity in coming days


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